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Welcome to Peak Realty Solutions.  We have “fast cash” solutions for sellers who want to sell their homes and properties.  We also offer tremendous opportunities for buyers who want to purchase wholesale land and homes.

We are a private real estate acquisition company located in Tempe, Arizona.  And we buy and sell a wide range of exciting real estate in Arizona, Florida and Texas. 

Our “claim to fame” is our ability to help sellers get out from under properties they don’t want… and offer buyers homes and land at deeply discounted prices, in some cases up to 75% below retail.

At Peak Realty Solutions, we’re famous for accommodating every buyer and seller’s unique needs.  We’ve seen nearly every real estate situation in the book.  We know how to solve problems and make deals happen.

Click on the WHOLESALE LAND and WHOLESALE HOMES buttons just below to see a wide selection of desirable, affordable listings.  Our land parcels range from individual building lots to multi-acre properties.  Our homes offer a wide selection of styles, locations and wholesale pricing.

Meet the Peak Realty Solutions Team