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foreclosure-for-sale-sign-in-front-of-house-mstPeople who invest with Peak Realty Solutions consistently enjoy handsome returns that outperform many other types of investments.

Our process is simple, and very effective.  Once we identify an attractive investment property that matches your goals, you’ll receive all the details of the transaction…including a property appraisal from an independent, certified appraiser, a property inspection report and a commitment for title insurance.

All of Peak’s investor partners have their high-yield investments secured by a note and a deed to real property.  And every property is always protected by title insurance.

Here’s the kind of deal you can expect:

  • 5-10% interest (versus less than 1% interest paid by banks)

  • We offer 5-year notes to 30-year notes

  • Our notes are protected by real estate

  • purchased at 37% below retail

  • Notes on homes are protected by home-warranties that protect the investment

  • End-buyers are required to put up significant down payments (to ensure their financial stability)


  • A property has a retail value of $100,000.

  • The end-buyer purchases it from Peak for $70,000 (wholesale price).

  • The end-buyer puts 10% ($7,000) down.

  • Now the note is worth $63,000.

  • Peak sells that note for a 10-15% discount (discount of $9,450).

  • Investor buys the note worth $63,000 for the discounted price of $53,550.

  • Investor continues to receive 5-10% interest for the next 5-30 years (depending on the term of the note).

  • As an example: after 20 years, the note originally worth $63,000 – at 10% – will have earned an additional $82,910 in interest.


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